Basfour is the main holding and investment company for all subsidiaries within the Basfour Group.

RiverEdge Projects is a construction company with it’s focus in the housing and smaller commercial building sectors. RiverEdge has it’s own in-house professional team with designers and engineers included.

Pont de Val is a company which operates a restaurant, function venue, hotel, winery and bakery at Pont de Val Estates. More information on Pont de Val is available on the website:

Serve-IT is delivers an all-inclusive business IT management service which includes: Business Internet Supply & Support Services, Network Infrastructure Management & Support, Day-to-day Desktop & Office Support, Managed Servers, IT Hardware Procurement and Technical Systems Monitoring. See more at

Upriver Developments is a property development company, mostly focused on the development of the Pont de Val Estates, situated on the Vaal River. More information on Upriver is available at

Enova is a renewable energy company, which provides customised power supply solutions for commercial properties and housing developments based on the latest and most innovative technology. More info:

Flagship is a property services company, focusing on maintenance and tenant management. It also provides administrative services to Body Corporates within Pont de Val Estates.

Che Val Mode is an equestrian apparel and tack online retail store. See their website:

UTR (Upriver Training and Resources) is professional and corporate services company, and includes services such as Accounting and Financial Management Services, Legal & Compliance and Human Resource Management.