Basfour is the main holding and investment company for all subsidiaries within the Basfour Group.

Upriver Developments is a property development company, mostly focused on the development of the Pont de Val Estates, situated on the Vaal River. More information on Upriver is available at

Pont de Val is a company which operates a restaurant, function venue, hotel, winery and bakery at Pont de Val Estates. More information on Pont de Val is available on the website:

Flagship is a property services company, focusing on maintenance and tenant management. It also provides administrative services to Body Corporates within Pont de Val Estates.

RiverEdge Projects is a construction company with it's focus in the housing and smaller commercial building sectors. RiverEdge has it's own in-house professional team with designers and engineers included.

Enova is a renewable energy company, which provides customised power supply solutions for commercial properties and housing developments based on the latest and most innovative technology. More info:

Serve-IT is delivers an all-inclusive business IT management service which includes: Business Internet Supply & Support Services, Network Infrastructure Management & Support, Day-to-day Desktop & Office Support, Managed Servers, IT Hardware Procurement and Technical Systems Monitoring. See more at

Che Val Mode is an equestrian apparel and tack online retail store. See their website:

UTR (Upriver Training and Resources) is professional and corporate services company, and includes services such as Accounting and Financial Management Services, Legal & Compliance and Human Resource Management.