Corporate Social Responsibility

On The Job Training


The Basfour / Upriver Group has partnered with Brunstad Christian Church South Africa, with their Christian Youth Development Program (CYDP). This program focuses on bringing youth from poor regions across Africa, including South Africa, where they receive on-the-job training and exposure to better equip them to sustain themselves for the future, both concerning hard – and soft skills. Areas in which the training is given includes Administration, Accounting, Catering, Waitering, Housekeeping, Event Management, Cleaning, Painting, Electrical, Plumbing, Plastering, Carpentry, Welding, Store Managing, Plant Machine Operation, Site Management / Site Foreman, Procurement & Stock Control, • Project Management, Building (Bricklaying), Maintenance, Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development, Sales Representative Skills and Photography.
The Basfour / Upriver Group’s part in this is to give on-the-job training to these youths, typically for a period of up to a year. They then get placed in different companies and to gain more exposure in a field of their interest. They are often rotated between different companies or departments withing a company.
This program has been a huge success where these use, who previously have been unemployed, can now return to their home countries and communities to make a difference. One such example is Gibson, who was placed in our construction company RiverEdge in 2017 to 2018 RiverEdge in 2017 to 2018. Gibson have had no previous experience or exposure to the building industry prior to joining the CYDP program, and being placed in RiverEdge Projects for training. Within the time-frame Gibson got a proper understanding of all the trades (such as brick-laying, plastering, electrical, plumbing), but also skills such as site management. On return to Malawi, Gibson was able to start projects that guaranteed not only an income for himself, but played a much larger role on his family and community. See the full article on BCCSA’s website: https://bcc.africa/2020/02/the-ripple-effect-of-success/
More information on the CYDP program is available here: https://bcc.africa/
Photos below: Some members of the CYDP Program receiving on-the-job training.

Community Upliftment and Support

Basfour / Upriver Group, a key employer of people from the local community, has, via Upriver Developments, been a driving factor in supporting an informal settlement in the area. Upriver Developments are furthermore a player in a project that in the future would see to it that this community can soon receive formal housing.
Photos below: Information Day to the community at the local school; Soup kitchen and Area clean-up.



Basfour / Upriver Group is playing an active role in community safety and security by hosting a area SAPS Joint Operation, Rural Safety and Cross Border Operations at Pont de Val Estates.