The Basfour Group of Companies, otherwise known the Upriver Group, was founded in 2004 with the intention to provide employment opportunities and promote sustainability. Since then, Basfour has invested in and incorporated start-up companies with high long-term financial potential, but also with the potential to have a positive impact on their surroundings, especially in terms of employment, the local economy, community and environment. The Basfour Group mostly operates within the Vaal region, South Africa, and has most of its offices based at Pont de Val Estates.


The Basfour Group Management are very involved in new companies they start or invest in, ensuring these companies are built on a foundation of the highest level of good corporate governance, and also by integrating services between the companies such, that each company and employee have all the support and resources to focus on a clear mandate and area of expertise.


We aim to establish a strong and competitive business network within the Vaal region that plays a key leading role in the development and betterment of the region, especially considering unemployment, local economy and the environment.