Che Val Mode

Che Val Mode Pty Ltd is a mother company that owns and manages several business in vastly different industries. Che Val Mode has invested and helped start-ups within the Basfour Group of companies. The company is dynamic and constantly adapting to new changes in the environments it operates in.

The first business within Che Val Mode is Horze South Africa. Horze is an Equestrian Brand of clothing and equipment. The main warehouse for Horze is situated in Vanderbijlpark. The Horze online website is the main business and we provide a dynamic seamless and excellent online shopping experience for our customers all over South Africa, and we pride ourselves on delivering a fast and efficient delivery within 2 days across the country. Horze also supplies other equestrian shops in South Africa with the product, as well as selected shops in Zambia and Namibia.

The second business within Che Val Mode is the Couturiere shop which is situated at Pont de Val Winery and supports local fashion brands within South Africa, selling local designer dresses and fashion wear online and at the shop.

The third business within Che Val Mode is Movegood. This is a pilates based business that helps professionals like surgeons but also helps locals with one on one sessions and provides open-air sessions at Pont de Val.

Che Val Mode will be developing in the near future several new businesses also in different industries, which we are very excited for.


Business: Our vision is to assist new small businesses reach their potential, growth and become profitable.

Customer: Our vision is to create a customer experience within each business that is unmatched in South-Africa, and driven by creativity, innovation & personalized service.


Enabling and enhancing every customers experience within each business through unmatched personalized service delivery.